6 Do-it-yourself Asian Drinks

6 Do-it-yourself Asian Drinks to Try at Home

Talking about Asia, we had so much to say – colourful and rich traditions, festive celebrations and, of course, great foods and drinks! In fact, there are lots of foods and beverages that are traditionally made on this continent and were embraced in the western part of the globe.

The taste of the Asian cuisine and drinks are so unique and flavoursome as they are very much attuned with the use of their very own spices and herbs. It is because Asia is blessed to be one of the major producers of spices and herbs in the world. Most of my friends who travelled there are really amazed with the way they prepare their food and the way their drinks complements with its taste.
However, you don’t need to be there to experience the alluring taste of their drinks because in this article, we will present to you some recipes which you can try at your home! Experience Asia in the comfort of your homes. Give it a try!

Bangladeshi Spiced Yogurt Drink

Called Burhani by the locals, this yogurt drink is known for its mouth-watering aroma and irresistible taste. Aside from yogurt, its main ingredients include cumin and other savoury spices like black mustard seeds, coriander seeds, black salt, ground ginger and ground white pepper. This yogurt mixture is combined with some natural flavourings such as mint, cilantro and chilli to taste. The goodness of its taste is soothing in every sip due to the touch of its minty flavouring.

Kopi Telur (Padang-style Egg Coffee)

Originated from Indonesia, kopi telur is one of a kind. It is actually made of a layering unfiltered coffee, foamed eggs yolks and sweetened milk in one glass. Its custard taste with caffeine touch becomes a hit in Pendang, Indonesia and is now being loved in many parts of the world. To create one, you need to prepare honey, vanilla extract, egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk and a brewed coffee. This coffee drink is at its best taste if you use the Sumatran coffee as you brew. Although it had a little complexity, but the produce you can get are heart-warming and will truly be appreciated by anyone who can try it. You can have a cup while you share a good talk with your loved ones. Even the kids will love this custardy mix too!

Sencha Sour

Christmas is coming and snowflakes are falling. So if you are looking for a drink that perfectly suits in your cold, wintery atmosphere, try this sencha sour drink. It is a Japanese inspired drink combining two main ingredients – the Japanese sencha tea and gin. However, if you wish to create a cocktail drink from your sencha-infused drink, you need some incorporation of pickled ginger syrup, sake, yuzu juice, soda water and some grapes for garnishing. Try making this drink at home and enjoy its light and breezy effect.

Rye-spiked Cinnamon Tea (Su Jung Kwa)

The rye-spiked cinnamon tea, or better known in Korea as Su Jung Kwa, is a great after dinner drink. It is a made from the combination of cinnamon, ginger, sweet dried dates, spices and pine nuts. This tea cinnamon tea recipe is a great facilitator of detoxification and aids digestion. There are some restaurants who offer the rye-spiked cinnamon tea as a cocktail drink and most of those who had tried liked it. Su Jung Kwa tea is combined with rye whiskey, lemon juice, Angostura bitters and orange twist for its garnish to give the traditional drink an unusual kick. Most great reviews of this mix came from men who love the rye whiskey in it. Its ingredients are highly complementing with each other.

Toasted Sesame Highball

This savory-sweet cocktail drink will give a taste of elegance in your list. Made from simple, grocery-acquired ingredients, this will provide your party a twist and mix of your old vodka drink. All you have to do is to gather a cucumber, fresh lemon juice, toasted sesame oil, kosher salt, vodka, simple syrup, club soda and some toasted sesame seeds for garnishing. Surely, you and your friends will enjoy every sip of this one of a kind drink.

Hong Kong-style Coffee with Sweetened Tea (Yuanyanga)

If you are some kind of coffee lover but is totally obsessed with milk tea too, then, here’s one for you. Inspired by Hong Kong’s traditional drinks, the combination of its ingredients perfectly complements with each other bringing out a delectable aroma that no one could resist. Yuanyanga is made from its finest ingredients including black tea bags, sweetened condensed milk and strong brewed coffee. When doing this at home, you can create your own version of this yuanyanga. Feel free to mix and match some ingredients. You can minimize the amount of coffee so that you can share it with your kids.