6 Foods and Drinks That Brings Your Christmas Feast into Perfection


6 Foods and Drinks That Brings Your Christmas Feast into Perfection


Christmas is about to come and we are all excited for this festive season to arrive. I know for sure that, as early as today, you are getting busy preparing everything to make this event memorable as ever for the whole family. Of course, this season is also the time when family members are gathered together to celebrate this annual festivity as one family.

Aside from the sparkling lights and beautiful ornaments, the food that we prepare is another thing that family members look forward to. I can even remember my mom saying, “Great food on the table can bring thousands of words together and bridge two hearts that fell apart!” It may sound a little exaggerated, but believe me, it could work for you and me too. So to help you decide the perfect holiday recipe to prepare this Christmas day, why not try our top 6 Christmas foods and drinks which, I believe, your family will surely love!

Apple Cider

Having a mug of apple cider is a great choice to warm up your holiday get-together. I know that right now, you might be thinking that “Oh! How come apple cider is a great drink?” Well, let me tell you that you don’t need to drink your apple cider with merely apple cider. You can create amazing and mouth-watering mix and blend techniques with it. Why not try an Apple Brandy Cider? Or a Cranberry Orange Apple Cider perhaps? How about Buttered Curry Apple Cider? There are lots of apple cider recipes that you can try at home. Or you can also try mixing and blending your own variation. It’s up to you. Spicing up your apple cider makes every sipping more relaxing and enjoyable. Try one!


Christmas celebration will be perfect with eggnog on the menu. This is a perfect welcome drink for your holiday guests. Although there are lots of cartons of eggnog filling up the grocery stores once Christmas is fast approaching, homemade eggnog is incomparable. Trust me! Those bought in grocery stores are proven to be non-climatic! There are varieties of eggnog drinks which perfectly fits to any group. You may create brandy eggnog if you wanted to keep it traditionally made, or a skinny eggnog for the diet-conscious, or the virgin eggnog which is ideal for kids and designated drivers.

Leg of Lamb

To create an impressive, luscious centrepiece dish for the holidays, why not try the delightful leg of lamb stuffed with mint pesto? Many mothers love this dish because it is easy and fast to prepare giving them more time to spend for their family and friends. It will only give you about two hours to prepare this dish and you are done! And aside from the convenience it brings, this dish is also a great source of protein.

Roasted Turkey

Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration will never be the same without a roasted turkey on the table. This has become a tradition for most households, which are paired with fluffy, mashed potato, luscious cranberry sauce, an herb-embodied stuffing and crunchy green bean casserole. How about trying a different technique in roasting your favourite dish this year? Take out those turkey bones before it is cooked so that you can have beautiful turkey slices afterwards.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

A luscious cranberry sauce is all it takes to bring your roasted turkey holiday meal into perfection. Since it is the season for cranberries, why not create your very own cranberry sauce rather than purchasing one from your grocery stores? Aside from its irresistible flavour, cranberries are good sources of antioxidants and with proven track record to reduce the risk of heart attack. It also helps in maintaining a healthy urinary tract, promotes the digestive health and protects the body from free radicals. A homemade cranberry sauce is a good condiment to control health risks during the Christmas season. Some of the best suggested cranberry sauce recipes are those with port and tangerine, rosemary and blackberries.

Easy-to-do Christmas Sweets

Christmas sweets or candies are so irresistible during the holiday seasons especially if you have kids at home. Many moms prefer to take this out of the menu thinking that making one will take too much of their time. But wait! Why not try some easy microwavable treats that both young and young at heart will surely love? It will only take you a few minutes to prepare these treats. Try some microwave butter toffee, two-minute microwave fudge, easy microwave peanut butter fudge or the microwave hard candy. These treats can also bring an opportunity for you to bond with your kids. Let them help in the preparation and mixing of the ingredients. It is a great way to let them feel that they are a part of the celebration to hype up their emotions towards the Christmas season.